Save Your Rights (SYR)

Save Your Rights (SYR)

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The world is currently faced with a number of colossal struggles such as global warming, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the recent credit crunch. Another burning universal issue, affecting millions of people across the world that gets little publicity is, forced marriages.

A forced marriage is where individuals are compelled to choose a life partner against their will. Typically parents, guardians or other prominent family members force young people into a marriage where they have had no say and have to succumb to the whims, wrong decisions and cruelty by those controlling their lives.

The result is that family break-down, as very often the newlywed couple is unable to forge a mutually supporting and loving relationship. Couples pushed into such marriages almost always look for ways to terminate their enforced marital bond.

Although South Asia is severely hit by forced marriages, it is also a worldwide concern. In the Britain the hundreds of incidents of forced marriages have been traced and the Government is taking this issue very seriously. Forced marriage is a criminal offence in Britain. Governments across the globes and major religions are against the concept of forced marriage.

In Islam, for example, such arrangements are not permitted they are actually forbidden and the perpetrators, when caught are punished. Christian scriptures also oppose forced marriages.

Save Your Rights campaign is committed to ending forced marriages that rob people of their basic human rights. We are organising various activities to raise awareness about the dire consequences of forced marriages. A documentary is already underway as part of our drive to end forced marriages.

We are urging like-minded people from all walks of life and from across all our communities to support our work to put an end to this inhuman practice. Help us to build a brighter future.